Our company has five (5) types trucks. All together, we have sixteen (16) trucks which are used to transport Palm Kernel Nuts, Palm Kernel Shells, Palm Kernel, Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Kernel Cake. We are always making sure that our fleet is reliable and secure to the environment. Thanks to that fact, we can be on the safe side in relation to timing – every step of the logistic stage and production process has a dedicated time slot and delays are not acceptable in PCC. Please meet the members of our truck fleet currently operating in Ghana:

2 (two)
Man diesel
40 ton truck

6 (six)
Ashok Leyland
15 tons truck

5 (five)
Ashok Leyland
12 tons truck

2 (two)
Mitsubishi Fuso
11 tons trucks

1 (one)
Kia Rhino
11 tons truck

3 (three)


All of our trucks are weighed using a professional weighing system assuring dependable and accurate supply quantities and tracking throughout the logistics process. This is aimed at making sure that we are a reliable trade partner, always delivering on our promises and agreements.