Our Company

Our company was established in 2012 with an objective to produce high quality palm kernel oil with its side products: palm kernel shells and palm kernel cake. From 2012 until 2015 our focus was mainly on market research and trade development. Starting in 2015 we began to launch a full-scope production and logistics operation structure using the newest technological solutions, aimed at supplying the market with high-end quality Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Kernel Shells and Palm Kernel Cake at competitive and market driven prices.

PCC Organic Oils modus operandi is transparent, effective as well as supportive for the surrounding community. We are buying Palm Kernel from many regions in southern Ghana, focusing on purchases from small, private plantations. We are currently supplied by more than 400 small and micro cultivators, all out of which are running their farms in an organic and environmentally friendly way.

Our current infrastructure includes three establishments – our main factory in Abenase, and our supporting factories in Bechem and Aketenchie. First one is both the most advanced and complex one. In Abenase we have the newest technologically advanced installation systems that are necessary to deliver all final products – including Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Kernel Shells as well as Palm Kernel Cake. Through the process of preliminary cleaning, followed by cracking, cleaning and milling the Abenase factory is able to deliver the highest quality of products to our customers. In Bechem and Aketenchie we have placed additional, supporting facilities which serve as cracking systems as well as logistics support. From those two locations, cracked nuts are transported to Abenase for final processing.

As PCC Organic Oils is a responsible, environment–friendly and customer-oriented company, we are putting a lot of pressure on Quality Control. Therefore, we have placed a dedicated Laboratory in our Abenase Facility, in which all of our products undergo detailed tests and quality control procedures, prior to being released to the market.

PCC organic oils currently employs 103 persons at our factories and additionally through our network of farmers during collection of PK and PKN 2650 people work for us.

Our history

PCC Organic Oils Ghana LTD was established in 2012 and engaged firstly in trade and research and development of the palm oil industry.

The dynamic of PCC Organic Oils LTD expansion was carried out in phases and went through various stages of development from October 2015.

In October 2015 the cracking system in our Abenase factory has been built and installed.

In January 2016 we started building our factory in Aketenchie where mainly PK and PKS is delivered and manufactured.

During March 2016 we started construction of our next factory site in Bechem which is also aimed at delivering and manufacturing of PK and PKS.

In July 2016 we installed and launched our advanced cleaning system for PK in Abenase to increase production quality.

In September 2016 in Abenase we started the installation process of our mill for the production of palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake from expeller which was finalised in December.

From January till February 2017 we initiated the full production process of all our production lines of cracking and milling. Simultaneously to the production we also started sales activities of all our products.

Our management


  • Wojciech Zaremba (Executive Managing Director)